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Regulations: Mythical Climbs Virtual Championship by Ridea

The championship has 6 stages with the mythical climbs of the three Grand Tours. The stages will take place on Wednesdays at 7pm. This will be the official kick off time but it will be allowed until 12 midnight too. After that time, the race will not be possible.

For better flexibility there will be also a morning shift between 9am and 11am the next day. The goal is empowering the access to  the maximun number of participants. If you are working or you can´t make a stage at the original time scheduled, the organization offers you another opportunity to do it, a kind of play-off. The stage time of those participants who had completed the race the previous day will not be taken into account.

The championship has these 6 stages:

   1st Stage: Lakes of Covadonga (05/20)

   2nd Stage: Col du Tourmalet (05/27)

   3rd Stage: Col du Galibier (06/03)

   4th Stage: Angliru (06/10)

   5th Stage: Alp d’Huez (06/17)

   6th Stage: Passo del Stelvio (06/24)

Ridea will raffle a set of titanium cranks among all the participants who complete

the 6 stages. In the absence of any participant who had completed 6 stages, the

draw would be held among the participants who had 5 completed stages.

The scoring system for each race will be: 200 points for the first classified, 160 for the second and 140 for the third. The fourth will get 125 points and they will be giving 5 points less successively until they reach 30. The rest of the participants will get 30 points.

The general classification will be the sum of all the results discarding the worst of the 6.

In case of a tie between two or more participants, the tiebreaker will be for better positions. If there is still a tie, equality will be undone according to the result of the last race.

Participants who complete all tests will have an extra bonus of 60 points.

Participation is open to all types of cycling trainer, without restriction of any kind, but to access the classifications it will be mandatory to have participated with a smart type trainer or power meter. The use of a heart rate monitor is recommended to give greater transparency to the championship.

In order to avoid cheating or irregularities, the organization reserves the right to disqualify, always with prior notice, those participants whose data in one or more stages jeopardizes the proper functioning of the competition. For this, we will analyze the doubtful participations among the activities of the first 15 classified and those that are considered inadequate will be discarded, either due to the data recorded during the session, or because the data provided is not correct or true.

Likewise, the participant's history will be supervised to verify that the data provided is true and does not present abrupt changes in its physical or performance parameters.

User weight modifications with the intention of virtually improving its performance, as well as untrue values.

Averages of watts and watts / kg that do not correspond to reality. This would include everything that supposes a w / kg higher than the limits shown below:

During 5 sg: data greater than 21,05 w / kg.

During 1 min: data greater than 10.24 w / kg.

During 5 min: data greater than 6.46 w / kg.

For 20 min or more: data greater than 5,42 w / kg.

Unrealistic or unrealistic speed or power peaks.

Unrealistic or unrealistic speed averages.

Evidence of improper calibration or errors of the devices used.

The results for the general classification will not be valid, although they will count for the participation section, which will give the right to enter the draw of the cranks.

The objective is to try to ensure a fair competition as possible. We greatly value the effort of all the participants and therefore, we cannot allow the results of our competitions to be altered by any type of irregularity, whether intentional or involuntary.

The results will be posted the day after each race via Facebook and Instagram profiles of @laparrillasbike and @moskitobikers as well as on this website.

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